Aerial Silks Ages 8 and up

Aerial Silks is an art that is rapidly gaining popularity as a not only medium for artistic expression, but as an amazing workout tool.  The origins of this art is purely found in the realm of circus schools. Silks remained relatively unknown by the general public until the late 1990’s, when two contortionists performed in the extremely popular and long running show Quidam for Cirque Du Soleil.
Since becoming widely known to general public, more and more dancers, gymnasts, and performers from other aerial disciplines have experimented with the art of aerial silks. High level mastery of aerial silks requires excellent body control, strength, and artistic expression.
Students of any age and physical fitness level can benefit from training with aerial silks. It is a wonderful way to increase upper body strength, cardiovascular stamina, core conditioning, flexibility, and body awareness.
Static poses on aerial silks require full body stabilization and passive flexibility.  Dynamic movements often require full range of motion through the joint, which will increase dynamic flexibility. Nearly all movements and poses use high level of core control, which will facilitate body awareness.


Ages 8 and up Aerial Silks Classes

Children 8 and up
Level 1:  Wednesday at 4:30 pm
Level 2:  Wednesday at 5:30 pm
Level 3:  Wednesday at 6:30 pm

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